Reelect Retired Colonel Frank Ryan for Pennsylvania State House of Representatives - 101 District

Frank’s legislative accomplishments and challenges.


Frank needs your help.

Frank’s progress made:
  • Ten bills enacted into law including three incorporated in other bills. Currently has four bills which passed in the House and now in the Senate.
  • Cosponsored well over 20 other bills that have been signed into law in the past three years. He is known for financial reforms, transparency, and accountability in spending,
  • $319 million transferred in 2019 to a reserve fund as protection against lean times, while restricting as much as possible liberal spending of a Democrat administration.


Major actions pending:
  • Auditor General Enforcement Act
  • Lean Government Efficiency Act
  • School Property Tax Elimination


Keys to restoring fiscal integrity:
  1. Reelecting Frank in 2020
  2. Maintaining Republican control of the legislature
  3. Your support in spreading Frank’s message and securing public backing for his Financial Rescue Plan.


On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Reelect Frank Ryan
for Pennsylvania State Representative - 101 District


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